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Myanmar's Sexual Revolution

burmese women nude
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Many Westerners pouring into Myanmar have no idea how offensive they are being

It is approximately 2 metres 6., However, there are or have been some that go way beyond usual.

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At Mojo, a busy, upscale bar in Yangon, foreign NGO workers, teachers and entrepreneurs sip on Myanmar beer and dance to the latest techno beats among a trendy crowd of young, privileged Burmese. - In a report released on Wednesday Amnesty cited testimony from more Rohingya men and women who have fled to Bangladesh in recent weeks, part of a half-a-million-strong exodus of people escaping a bloody army campaign.

Rohingya crisis: Amnesty accuses Myanmar of crimes against humanity

He simply invites female models to the forecourt bathing place of his home and asks them to take a shower. The provocative series depicts Burmese women in the process of bathing, with water glistening on their skin and wrapping a sarong tightly to their feminine figures. That has not prevented some people with conservative predilections from complaining that his paintings are a bit too revealing and racy, he acknowledged. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

All rights reserved. I've always believed the best way to know a river is to paddle it, to feel its undercurrents and speed, to take in the changing nature of its banks. I wanted to explore the romance of Myanmar's Irrawaddy River, which has stirred the imagination of some of the world's greatest writers, such as Kipling and Orwell. The name "Irrawaddy" is an English corruption of Ayerawaddy Myit, which some scholars translate as "river that brings blessings to the people. The Irrawaddy has never disappointed the Burmese. It is where they wash, what they drink, how they travel. Inseparable from their spiritual life, it is their hope.

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