Marisa roper the tempest

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marisa roper the tempest

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With nudity, 'The Tempest' gets a feminist message

A summertime Shakespeare performance in a New York City park is nothing we haven't seen before, but putting on a nude production of The Tempest is a new twist., Marisa Roper plays Miranda, who has been stranded on an island for 12 years Associated Press.

The Tempest. Central Park: May , Prospect Park: September Kara Lynn and Marisa Roper. Photo by Charles Ardai. Layne Tisdel Martin, Clara.
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They read books, have picnics, get some vitamin D. For six years, the group has been advocating for the equal treatment of men and women through the issue of body freedom. There is a consolation prize.

This production is certainly not the first in American theatre history to use significant nudity. We asked Sutliff if she felt comfortable during the previous performances in Central Park. Security guards were on site in case there were any issues with audience members. In the moment, nothing felt amiss.

For an actor, reeling off endless lines of Shakespeare is a demanding job.

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