Drunk celebrities bollywood

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10 Heaviest Female Drinkers Of Bollywood, Check Out Their Drunk Pictures

drunk celebrities bollywood
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7 Bollywood Celebs Who Created Shocking Controversies After Getting Drunk

Bollywood Industry has always attracted the audience with its fashion and glamour. However, there are many dark hidden secrets of this industry as well.

Bollywood actors are also human.
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List of 12 Bollywood Actors Who Are Alcoholic in Real Life

We all look upon Bollywood actresses for their lavish lifestyle, designer clothes, sexy figures and what not. - With glamour and fame comes the bad addictions like smoking and drinking.

Who is the rudest Bollywood actor? These real-life incidents can help you decide

It's no news that Bollywood is a glamorous industry. This means that other than making great movies, celebrities also have to be a part of various fashion shows, award nights and lots and lots of parties. Parties where these stars lose their otherwise tip-top attitude and are all free to dancing and drinking the night out. But that doesn't mean that the paparazzi aren't around to pap them when they get out in a fully drunk state.

There is no other celeb in Bollywood, who would do more justice to topping this list, than Salman Khan. Known to be an impulsive man, Salman has more than one case of screwing over things under the influence of alcohol. To begin with, the infamous 'Drink and Drive' incident from , where he 'allegedly' ran his car over over a homeless dweller sleeping on the footpath, killing him. While we cannot comment on the law for acquitting him, there was a lot of uproar in the nation for the same. Then came the infamous broil between the two Khans of Bollywood at Katrina Kaif's birthday party that led to one of the biggest rivalries in the film industry.

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