Star fox krystal feet

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star fox krystal feet
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Alright, now, I know we haven't posted anything since Different Kind of Cerinian Adventure, but hopefully this'll help make up for that. Xengo and I still have quite a few collab ideas for this profile but, naturally, life and other stories have been getting in the way.
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Krystal Ball

It was a partly cloudy mid-morning on a planet filled with lots of grass, sand, water, and ocean water. There was a big house located in the grass area of the planet and in this house lived Fox McCloud and Krystal. Fox McCloud was already up working on the ship as he wiped some sweat off his forehead.

Krystal took her boots off and her feet look beautiful too, Fox thought After Fox was done massaging her toes, Krystal continued to tease him by . The Star Fox team hadn't gotten a mission to complete for the past couple of.
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Main Gallery 17 submissions., Krystal is a fictional vixen character created by Nintendo and Rare for the Nintendo 64 game Dinosaur Planet.

Krystal was originally designed to be a main character of Dinosaur Planet, before Nintendo turned the project into a Star Fox title. Her original design was that of a year-old orphaned feline, who was raised by a wizard named Randorn. When Fox became the main character of Adventures, Krystal was redesigned into her present form as a year-old orphaned vixen, and her role in the game became less central. In Japanese, she is voiced by Aya Hara. Krystal's personality is described as being a strong and soft hearted woman. She is also known as being too stubborn for her own good shown in Star Fox Command.


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  1. Huh, for as long as Krystal (Star Fox) has been around, I haven't drawn her yet! This picture is what got me into Furry foot fetish art!!:D. Reply.

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