Actresses with foot fetish

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15 Famous Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Feet

actresses with foot fetish
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Beautiful Lady Feet and Soles Showing (TV Series)

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Rating famous celebrities with the most beautiful feet has been a hot trend popularly known as the Feet Fetish.
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12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish

By: James Fraser. If you think you have sexy feet, cover them when you get a chance to meet one of these celebs! These celebrities have extreme foot fetish, and they may express their desire to suck on your toes!


Scarlett Moffatt reveals secret foot fetish and people are SHOCKED

Madonna recently released the music video for her song "Medellin" which features Maluma. While Madonna is known to be provocative, fans were shocked when she began licking Maluma's toes in the video clip. While it's unclear whether she is licking toes behind the scenes, she's still joining the ranks of celebs who get freaky with feet. One of her social media posts includes Petty kissing her feet while the two lounge in a hot tub. Quentin Tarantino may the most infamous alleged foot fetishist in the business -- from his notorious knack for filming his leading ladies' feet to Uma Thurman drinking champagne out of her shoe at his Friars Club roast. Getty Images.

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