Micro chastity cage

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HT V3 "The Nub" Micro Chastity Cage 1inch

micro chastity cage
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Cuckold Locked in Chastity

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Micro chastity: A review

The four different sized rings included allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. It includes a specially designed brass padlock no rattling padlock - which is integrated into the design of the chastity device to be discreet and wear it with ease. The Micro cock cage matches the natural hang of your penis so there are no embarrassing lumps and bumps sticking out from your trousers which could tell your secrets to the trained eye.

Male Chastity Devices

Shop by Categories. - No more measuring, or worries about the right ring size s , as all of our cages come with a large selection of cock and ball rings.

Perhaps even over sixteen. My point is, I thought I kind of knew some things about the mechanics of being locked up. Like how to measure for a device and how to size it. How to wear it every day and live in it.

Then you hear something, the slap of a whip, the clicking of heels. A dungeon, your partner wearing lace, tight knee-high heeled latex boots, holding the whip. Was that enough to make you hard? If so, you've come to the right place.

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  1. Our Micro cock chastity cages are all made of stainless steel to ensure all shapes and sizes are centrobella.com type of cages would ideally suit people who are.

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