Homemade big brother shirt ideas

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Big Sibling Hospital Gift Ideas

homemade big brother shirt ideas
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Big Sister or Big Brother Gifts to Give Older Siblings at the Hospital

Everything your child knew from just moments before completely changes eventually for the good, but all change is hard. Even the sweetest-natured kids like my precious firstborn in the picture above have a hard time adjusting to things being different and no longer being the center of attention.

I always loved the idea of having a little gift for the big siblings waiting at the hospital. I really do thing it will make things go a little smoother that day. Here are just a few fun ideas for a big sibling gift.
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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Funny set 4 brother shirts, Oldest Brother, Middle Brother, Big Brother, Baby .. Selling items using my designs without purchasing the appropriate commercial.
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Do you guys remember my cute sister, Emily?, Got a bun in the oven?!

12 Big Brother Gifts Best Big Brother Gift Ideas

I wish I had this list when bringing home our second baby home from the hospital. Must have been a toy that got lost among the other toys and soon forgotten. Etsy is a great resource for unique gifts and many of the big brother gifts on my list come from there.


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