Nikki glaser ass

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Nikki Glaser Does Not Hold Back

nikki glaser ass
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Everything from butt stuff to blumpkins, public sex to getting pooped on On her new show Not Safe With Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central, the.
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Nikki Glaser Answers Our Sex Questions & Concerns, From Dolphin Orgasms To Foreskin Cream

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How Nikki Glaser Shakes TV Critics Out of Their Stupors

Loosely speaking, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser is about sex. . same reason guys on Jackass staple their ass cheeks together, Glaser explains.
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A middle-aged man, attached to a polygraph test and surrounded by television cameras, sits across from Nikki Glaser. Her producers have ambushed him and her mother with this stunt for the new Comedy Central show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, premiering February 9. In a surprising and satisfying turn of instant karma, she is more uncomfortable than he is.

First Time, Last Time, Best Time, Worst Time with Nikki Glaser

The show, which combines panel discussions, field pieces and social experiments to talk frankly about sex, was inspired by the comedian's boyfriend. Glaser is still working out how much can be said or shown on the show, though. There's a big difference. I'm also figuring out my threshold for sharing as I go along. I'm sure I've already made some mistakes that I'll wish I could take back.

Some folks are beyond uncomfortable talking about sex. Comedy heavyweight and self-proclaimed "curious perv" Nikki Glaser is not one of those people. If the topic is liable to make your uptight coworker blush to the point of questionable allergic reaction, Glaser has probably covered it.

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