Wearing a cockring

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If You've Not Tried A Cock Ring, You're Missing SO MANY Orgasms

wearing a cockring
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A cock ring is a ring made of silicone, metal, leather, rubber, nitrile, plastic, Also , no one should ever fall asleep while wearing a cock ring.
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Cock rings are a super-fun toy and great for anyone with a penisóbut they also come with some serious stigma despite how great they are. - I was recently party to the use of a cock ring for the very first time, imagine that.

How to use a cock ring with a partner during sex

How Penis Rings Can Help You Have Better Sex

The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow by keeping blood in the penis. Why would men want to do this, and why would women want their man to wear one? A cock ring allows a man to be harder and to stay hard longer. Your man should also feel a more intense orgasm since the cock ring makes him take longer to orgasm. The penis should be either flaccid or semi-erect when the cock ring goes on.

Ah, I love one-liners. Simple and to the point, and you, dear person, make no bones or fancy talk about your situation. How do you use a cock ring? Either way, you can expect a pleasure that is bound to stimulate you in very specific rings.

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