Feeder and feedee

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Couple say their relationship is at its sexual peak thanks to their feederism fetish

feeder and feedee

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There is a whole community based around feedees and feeders, bbws and bhms, friends and lovers are made each day and it's an accepting environment for overweight people, where they would otherwise be bullied. Today we will find out where YOU are in this wonderful community. Are you the submissive feedee, letting your counterpart fatten you day in and day out, or would you rather do the fattening as the feedet?
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Are you a feeder or a feedee?

Growth is an important part of any relationship. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. But being attracted to the idea of helping big women get bigger will.

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A dominating feeder has a very controlling relationship with their feedee. The person being fed must submit totally, they know they are being fattened and they .
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Even as size-acceptance movements continue to grow in the Western world, people still fear fat. They worry about becoming fat themselves or criticize it in others, often under the troll-like guise of caring for a stranger's health. But that is not the case when it comes to feederism: a multifaceted community of people with a fetish for eating and weight gain.

There is a basic primal instinct within many people that dates back to prehistoric times, the urge to nurture and care for those you love. In some people this urge takes the form of feeding, they want to provide for others by ensuring they always have plenty of food and drink, and by making sure they never have to go hungry. However modern day humans are complex animals and as with many things in life, the urge to feed has travelled down many different paths, taking many different forms, often mixing with other wants and desires to produce the wonderful diversity of feeders we have today.

Top definition. Feederism unknown. An underground sexual fetish which involves one partner the feeder feeding the other, both to obtain sexual arousal and to encourage weight gain in the feedee.

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  1. Feeders may be any size—fat or thin—and some feeders also identify as feedees . Feeders exists along a wide spectrum, from people who just want to cook for.

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