The devil and miss jones movie

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The Devil And Miss Jones (1941) - Feature

the devil and miss jones movie
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In a foreword, audiences are informed that this is a fanciful and imaginative story, put on the record mainly for amusement purposes. The Devil and Miss Jones then unwinds a light and fluffy tale of the richest man in the world who loses his stern front through association with the employees of one of his enterprises a department store. Jean Arthur is the Miss Jones, a decidedly personable salesgirl who takes the elderly shoe clerk under her wing to guide him through the intricacies of store routine.
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The Devil and Miss Jones

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Fun, but one wishes it were better. John P. Merrick Coburn , the world's richest man, decides to infiltrate one of his holdings, a department store, to ferret out union organizers who have targeted him as responsible for the miserable working conditions of his employees.
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Directed by Sam Wood and scripted by Norman Krasna , the film was the product of an independent collaboration between Krasna and producer Frank Ross Jean Arthur's husband. The film was well received by critics upon its release and garnered Academy Award nominations for Coburn and Krasna. Cantankerous tycoon John P. Merrick Charles Coburn goes undercover as a shoe clerk at his own New York department store to identify agitators trying to form a union, after seeing a newspaper picture of his employees hanging him in effigy. As the film progresses his experiences cause him to grow more sympathetic to the needs of his workers. He also starts to fall in love with the sweet-natured clerk Elizabeth Ellis Spring Byington. During a beach day with his coworkers John begins to see a different side of Joe after he helps him avoid an arrest at a local police station by reciting the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.


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  1. The Devil and Miss Jones is a comedy film starring Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings, and Charles Coburn. Directed by Sam Wood and scripted by Norman .

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