Carol and peter comic

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The One(s) Where Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel Dated

carol and peter comic

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Danvers later became the first incarnation of Ms.
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Comic Book Revolution

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Carol and Peter from Captain Marvel #3 Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, Marvel . AHHHHHHHH Avengers Comics, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc, Captain Rogers .
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A wiki dedicated to the relationship between Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Peter and Carol Forever!.
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Avengers: Endgame also acted as Captain Marvel's introduction to the modern MCU after her official debut in her solo movie, which was set in the 90s. However, after coming to terms with being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Homecoming , Peter is resistant to the idea, and suggests both Thor and Captain Marvel for the job. In Captain Marvel , her Marvel Comics superhero name is referenced by Fury when he says "Marvel" is better than "Mar-Vell," and it's established she's a captain in the shot of her plane, but she's never actually called "Captain Marvel. Presumably Peter did not actually give Captain Marvel that name in the MCU, and it's more likely he picked it up from somewhere.

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