Glee artie and tina dating

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'Glee' Finally Lets Tina Win Something After She Goes Prom-zilla

glee artie and tina dating
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Despite their break-up, they still appear to have remained best friends. Artie thinks that they have something really important in common, but after a date together in Wheels , Tina admits that her stutter impediment is fake.
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Mike-Tina Relationship

When Kitty sits down at the Glee table, she says 'Hey glee people' and Artie enthusiastically says 'hi' back to her., Blaine and Tina first meet at Rachel 's house party, though they have no on-screen interactions.

Tina Cohen-Chang is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. - It's prom week at McKinley High and Tina's been nominated for prom queen, resulting in a full-scale personality change that's even worse than Tina's normal "Pity Me" attitude.

They were first public about their relationship in Audition , and ended it between the episodes Goodbye and The New Rachel , after Tina admitted that they had broken up because it was very hard for them both with the long distance relationship. However, Tina admits she still loves him and that they are friends now. Since then, they have spoke and decided to talk things out between them, to see if they get back together. In the end, they never rekindled their relationship, but rather rebuilt their friendship.


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