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lift and carry com

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Lifting and carrying a baby requires the utmost care, even from those who are comfortable with their abilities. Even someone who thinks they are getting it all right, may actually be holding infants incorrectly. Learning the how to lift and carry a baby will keep both you and the baby safe.
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How to Safely Lift and Carry

Improper lifting of heavy items is a major cause of injury to retail workers. - You are using an outdated browser version of the Internet Explorers.

How to Lift and Carry a Kayak the Right Way

Lifting and carrying are power jobs. - Learning to lift and carry a kayak correctly is fundamental to removing it from a car rack, transporting it to the water's edge, portaging it, and even storing it correctly.

Most back injuries result from improper lifting. Protect your back by practicing proper lifting and carrying techniques. This helps maintain your center of balance and lets the strong muscles in your legs do the work of lifting while protecting your back. Give feedback.


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