Girl and gorilla sex

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‘Masters of Sex’ 3?7 Recap: Hot Girl on Gorilla Action

girl and gorilla sex

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Gorilla's sex remains mystery

When it comes to getting down and dirty in the rainforest, it seems hot-blooded female gorillas are the ones for steamy action. Associate Professor Dr Cyril Grueter, a primate expert from the University of Western Australia, is reported to have stumbled on the homosexual behaviour while studying the feeding ecology of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Two separate groups were studied and out 22 females, 18 were found to engage in sexual activity with other females, including engaging in genital rubbing.

Girl-on-girl gorilla sex has been witnessed for the first time by primate experts ANGRY zoo gorilla CHARGES at a visitor in terrifying video.
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A gorilla in a zoo in New Orleans launched a piece of wood at a visitor, striking them in the head and knocking them to the ground. The stick, the wood put a lump on my head. As I regained consciousness, I was just worried about my baby.

Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. Is it a boy or a girl? No, we're not talking about a human child but a baby gorilla that was born almost a year ago at the Prague Zoo.

Twice is coincidence. Nevertheless, the core contention about the need for three examples to establish a pattern remains applicable.

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