Did austin and ally stop dating

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Laura Marano Married Ross Lynch after long time Relationship; Know in Detail here

did austin and ally stop dating
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Ally told Austin that she really did care about his career. Ally was upset that Austin didn't want to date her, before Austin explained that he didn't want it to ruin the friendship Austin accepted Ally's apology in the end and they all fist bumped.
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The "Austin & Ally" Series Finale Was Basically the Epilogue of "Harry Potter"

JJJ watched it both times east coast and west coast and the tears are still flowing! But if you do want to find out, have those Trish-ues handy!

Auslly (Aus/tin and A/lly) is the pairing of Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. For the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, see Raura. Pairings with Austin Moon.
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Austin & Ally Wiki:Auslly

Nelson asks Ally if they can borrow the instruments since the music class's instruments got ruined, and Ally grudgingly says no after her dad tells austin that they can't afford dating let them borrow the instruments. Nelson and the rest of the class sigh and walk out, and Ally, feeling guilty, tells them to stop, austin that they can use all the instruments. Misinterpreting this, Nelson thinks moon Ally said that they backups take all the instruments for free, so all the dawson take the instruments. After accidentally getting rid of all the instruments, Ally and the rest of Team Austin ally ways to get the money to get all the instruments back before finally thinking of hosting a fundraiser.

Later, he changes the tempo of the song and sings it himself, although he's completely forgotten it's the same song he heard Ally singing. He becomes famous from it after his best friend, Dez, directs Austin in a music video for the song and posts it on the Internet, making Austin an overnight sensation. Once Ally takes credit for her song, she and Austin work together on a second song. At the end of the episode, Austin convinces her to become his partner, and the two agree to work together and eventually become close friends. Ally's best friend, Trish, pitches in as Austin's manager and Dez continues to direct Austin's music videos.

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