Sakura and neji lemon fanfiction

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sakura and neji lemon fanfiction
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Naruto Threesome at the Beach with Tsunade, Hinata and Sakura

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In which Sakura has a craving, Neji is pretty much uptight, and the rest of the Hyuuga Clan is holding back their laughter at their resident tensai.
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Neji had vague knowledge of what Sakura's bedtime wear was like, since all girls generally wore very little to sleep, but he had never imagined that she'd walk around like THAT in the Hyuuga household- Pink panties, baby blue, frilly bra, white small and tight tanktop and a little too much confidence to go with the cleavage that was gracefully bouncing with her steps. Hinata's overnight guest's identity definitely wasn't a mystery anymore-especially since Sakura's bright green eyes glowing in the darkness and pink locks glimmering under the moonlight was a HUGE contrast to the rest of the people occupying the Hyuuga house…but her pink hair wasn't the only thing glimmering under the moonlight.

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Neji is Captain of ANBU and Sakura is his second. hints at a M rating but I'm not giving it one because there is no lemon's only a tiny lime. ^_-.
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Author's Note: Hey everybody! I'm back for now…I figure they might be sending me to Job Corps on the 16 th of this month, so this might be the last oneshot for a while. Ya know, I just found out I have 49 different phobias! That's really sad. They are shinobi in modern times okay? It really helps and I am thankful to all of you, even anonymous reviewers.

Summary: After a failed attempt to rob the home of University student Haruno Sakura, Gaara and Neji make a deal that will ensure they don't leave empty-handed.

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