Black guy and white guy

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A Black Guy and a White Guy Walk into a Bar

black guy and white guy
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Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show. From the Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show TV Special. "Would You Say the N Word for One Dollar?".
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We met in San Diego through mutual friends and bonded over our love of hip-hop. - Hollywood: still out of ideas?

Top definition. Token White Guy unknown. A white guy in a group of minorities. He is there because he is always the one to talk to the police officer if there is a problem. He will also most likely be the sexiest out of the entire group and help his friends of a different race get hot girls or bitches.

None of us know Christopher Cukor well enough to make cuckold jokes, but trust me, I know we all want to. Facebook user Wesley Michel posted a video of a man who has since been identified by internet sleuths but could not be independently verified by The Root.

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  1. He and I decided to collaborate on this piece that has a Black guy and a white guy honestly talk about race. We chose three questions and gave our answers.

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