Three guys and a hammer

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3 Guys 1 Hammer

three guys and a hammer
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Shocking Story- The Truth Behind 3 Guys 1 Hammer (Serial Killers)

Dnepropetrovsk maniacs

It shows some video footage of three teenage boys Viktor Sayenko, Igor Suprunyuk and Alexander Hanzha torturing and murdering year-old Sergei Yatzenko in the woods.
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Top definition. Never watch this. What separates this from any other shock media you've seen is that 3guys1hammer is both unquestionably immoral and completely, utterly, real. The women from 2girls1cup might have actually eaten eachother's shit, but they were both entirely consensual and willing to do it. The self-castration in the Pain Olympics was both self-inflicted and fake at that.


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  1. The case gained additional notoriety because the killers made video recordings of some of the murders, with one of the videos leaking to the Internet.

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