You and the night full movie eric cantona

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You and the Night review – sex, surreality and Eric Cantona

you and the night full movie eric cantona
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You and the Night is a French erotic drama film released on 13 November The film was written and directed by Yann Gonzalez, and features music by his brother Anthony Gonzalez and his band M Former Manchester United, French football player Eric Cantona was cast as.
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The film is about a slut, a stud, a star and a teen going to an orgy. In one particularly memorable moment Cantona can be seen being whipped by Beatrice Dalle.

Gay Essential Films To Watch, You and the Night (Les rencontres d’apres minuit)

The footballer-turned-actor stars as the legendarily well-endowed Stud in this startling, savage French comedy, writes Peter Bradshaw.
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You and the Night follows a young couple and their transvestite maid as they prepare to host an orgy. Before the orgy can begin, everyone agrees that they need to take some time to get to know each other. Each guest narrates their own story, displayed through provocative flashbacks and time sequences.

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Looking for the orgy? Set among the guests at a high-end sex party that never quite gets going, this mannered and densely allusive debut from French writer-director Yann Gonzalez frequently prompts giggles, whether with its flights of self-important poetic fancy, its 80s Athena poster aesthetics or its breathy, theatrical brand of sensuality. Yet its earnestness and strain of self-aware humour render You and the Night oddly lovable, and some of the performances — notably that of Eric Cantona , as a man whose life has been tragically blighted by his over-endowment — are to be applauded for entering fully into the spirit of the piece without becoming self-conscious or camp. Welcomed by their wraithlike hosts, Ali and Matthias Kate Moran and Niels Schneider , and their male housemaid Udo Nicolas Maury , who seems to have wandered in from a nearby production of The Rocky Horror Show , the guests reveal their insecurities one by one, as the intended bacchanal gives way to a sort of impromptu support group.

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  1. With Kate Moran, Niels Schneider, Nicolas Maury, Eric Cantona. The shooting for a fantasy film about the end of an era wraps up. See full summary».

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