Inky blinky pinky and clyde

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Pac-Man Patterns Ghost Movement (Strategy Pattern)

inky blinky pinky and clyde

Minus 8, Pinky Blinky Clyde and Inky Dancing. Nude Version

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Ghost Psychology

Blinky begins each level moving at the same speed as all of the other ghosts, but after you've eaten a certain number of dots, he begins to speed up. It is customary to refer to this change as the point when he takes on the identity of 'Cruise Elroy'. Blinky becomes Cruise Elroy earlier and earlier as you progress to higher and higher levels as illustrated in the following table.

They whisp, spectres taken form. Almost seen, they mask themselves in cloaks and march through a maze, constrained and floating. Three persevere though one cannot face the light, and hides in a dark corner dreaming of the moon. Oh, Inky Cat, you gave the clue only at the end and I have to say I grew up if indeed I am fully grown? So I shall get Leveret to explain the finer tuning of this evanescent poem. Or Uncia uncia, my snow leopard.

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