Lust and caution sex scene

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Lust, Caution/Se, Jie

lust and caution sex scene
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Wei Tang - Lust, Caution

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Ang Lee's (??) film Lust, Caution was as As for people who think the sex scene is real, I'm sorry but you have to be pretty.
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Lust, Caution (United States/China, 2007)

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indieWIRE INTERVIEW | “Lust, Caution” Director Ang Lee

Sex and death go hand in hand in Ang Lee's erotic wartime drama, writes Michael Dwyer. In the 15 years since he made his film debut with Pushing Hands, the supremely versatile Taiwanese director Ang Lee has collected a slew of awards, most recently the Venice Film Festival's premier prize for his latest movie, Lust, Caution. It was his second time in three years to win the Golden Lion, following his success with Brokeback Mountain in Both films are based on short stories written by women and featuring characters undermined by their sexual impulses.

T he slender woman in the hotel suite certainly looks the part of the rising young film star. She has the twittering entourage and designer labels; her hair is groomed, her face painted. Except this is not her, she says, not really. In real life she's a tomboy; she's nothing like this, she usually wears jeans. And she gestures down at herself, as if marvelling at the thing that she's become.

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