Pokemon black and white mom

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Mom (Black and White)

pokemon black and white mom
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Pokemon Black & White 2 Hentai

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Mom (Black 2 and White 2)

She lives in Aspertia City , and is an old friend of Professor Juniper. - Log In Sign Up.

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Pokemon General

"! It's your mom! How are things? Are you and your Pokemon getting along and enjoying your journey so far?.
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She assists you in the beginning on these games in small ways. Occasionally, she will spend some of the saved up money on decorations, berries, or other items she finds. Unfortunately, by the time your character has made their way to the TV, you've missed seeing your father. When the player talk to the player's mother, she will ask you if the report was about a red creature or a blue creature, and whichever you pick, Latios being the blue creature and Latias being the red, will determine which of the two will be roaming in your world. She takes on a much more active lifestyle then the player's mother's from past games, often competing in contests. When the player meets up with Johanna, their Mother, at the Super Contest Hall in Hearthome City , she gives the player either a tuxedo or a dress depending on the players gender.

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