Xena and ares

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Ares (Hercules & Xena)

xena and ares
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Ares is a significant recurring antagonist during the first three seasons, making a guest appearance in the "coda" episode of season four and was Xena's main love interest during seasons five and six. He is the primary antagonist of Season 5, wishing to derail the Twilight of the Gods, but changes once he realizes Xena's life is more important to him. Suave, charming, witty, yet ruthless and amoral, Ares often represents, especially in the early seasons, the seductive power of war and the dark side.
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He took Xena under his wing as his protege, sometime after she first met with Caesar. - He was the Greek god of war and violence, who had a strong rivalry with his half-brother Hercules, as well as a love-hate relationship with Xena.

Hera Mother. Hope Livia Callisto. Ares is the god of war and an anti-hero. The character was portrayed by New Zealand actor Kevin Smith. Ares is the Greek god of war, so he's been around for a while. He is the son of Hera and Zeus. When Xena was about 7, her father Atrius went to the temple of Ares, where Ares told him to kill her.

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