Ash and misty cosplay

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum cosplay Pocket Monster Misty cosplay costume custom made size

ash and misty cosplay
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Ash & Misty Cosplay

Misty and Ash from Pokemon by #cosplay Ash Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Pikachu #BigWow Pikachu And Ash Costume.
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Ash & Misty Cosplay

As you guys may know if you follow the YouTube Channel , I caught every single Pokemon and beat the most recent Nintendo Switch Pokemon released game within 36 hours of launch. Other than maybe running and swimming and such which I will utilize in the research section. Misty is really short.

Misty, or Kazumi Yawa in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters of the original Pokemon series. She lives in Cerulean City and currently serves as its gym leader after her sisters left to travel the world and leave her in charge of the gym while they are gone. Misty is the first character that the protagonist in the original story, Ash Ketchum, meets. She starts following him around after Ash wrecks her bike trying to escape from a flock of Spearow following him. She eventually began to develop feelings for Ash and use the waiting for Ash to pay for her bike as an excuse to tag along. A lot of people consider her one of the most popular characters in the original Pokemon series due to her personality and how her feelings for Ash developed throughout the series.

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  1. Misty's character design was overseen by Ken Sugimori and Atsuko Nishida, and for the anime the design was overseen by Sayuri Ichishi.

  2. Pokemon - Misty and Ash. Misty by Mari Evansphoto by Green If you like my cosplay works, you can follow me Patreon Ko-fi Pokemon - Misty and Ash.

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