Work christmas party hookup

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These Real Stories of Holiday Office Party Hookups Deserve Slow Claps

work christmas party hookup

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Christmas Party Hookups

The holiday office party has the two main ingredients for a colossal work-related lapse in judgment: booze and coworkers. Sorry, HR departments! An abundance of free booze can spell trouble, especially when you factor in social weirdness.

Is there a better place to make bad decisions than at your company holiday party? We think not. You might just get drunk enough to buy your boss a shot or go way beyond that and give your boss a shot—in bed.
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Office holiday parties are treacherous social minefields. Think of the professional repercussions. Think of the awkward run-ins at the coffee machine.
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Months of friendly emails and eye contact in the queue for the microwave have been building up to this moment. All their coworkers get the thrill of hot, juicy gossip. Okay, so let me preface this by saying that the guy I got with at the Christmas party is now my boyfriend. There was a lot of buildup beforehand.

With that much Christmas entertainment, lapse of judgement can come into play. If you're planning on hooking up with that co-worker you've had your eye on for a while, you not only need to make sure you have sexual chemistry with them, but that it won't jeopardise your working relationship. Our top tips will set you on the right path. Meanwhile, two million Brits have admitted to hooking up with an office crush, while a survey of 1, office workers in England discovered that 48 percent admitted they would go all the way with a co-worker during or after an office Christmas party.

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