Satisfyer pro plus vibration manual

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NEW Satisfyer Pro Plus with vibe

satisfyer pro plus vibration manual
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Review: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The kind people at Satisfyer sent me a box of their newest toys though not the male masturbator my husband was looking forward to testing. My experience with suction toys has not been great, at least not the Satisfyer ones I have tried so far I have reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin before. But I was willing to give these new toys a try.

This clever little sex toy combines air pulse technology with vibration, offering a range of different and unique sexual sensations for the ultimate sexual pleasure. I assumed that Satisfyer would just bring out a product very similar to the Satisfyer in design but on receiving my product, it is very different. Coming with its own magnetic charging cable, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is completely silicone with just a tiny plastic gold coloured stripe between the head and body.

The airy nature of its design reminds me of the moment where your hands meet a gentle breeze or allow a scoop of sand to fall elegantly through the fingers. A bit top-heavy, but otherwise to light that it could almost be absent altogether. Satisfyer in general have always been good with the design of their toys. The Satisfyer Pro , although matching the Eroscillator in color perception, did not totally suck to hold. The Pro Penguin was compact but the controls still accessible, and it could be propped hands-free should a creative person person wish. And the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation despite not being my favorite in the range provided an option which was very affordable and still easy enough to hold. But, up until this point, none of them have felt truly accessible to all vulva-endowed bodies, that is until the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration came along.

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