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Nagoya ‘inkan’ maker takes aim at gropers with ‘chikan’ stamp

the gropers com
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It started when the fishing boats dumped anything unwanted into Dickson Inlet. These days the ritual takes place in a more orderly fashion at On The Inlet restaurant and bar, which stands on the same site as the old fishing wharf. A suitably muscled staff member makes his way to the jetty at 5pm, armed with tuna carcasses and a stout rope ready to take on the giant fish.
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Watch out for the gropers - Jemaa el-Fnaa

Achoerodus is a genus of wrasses collectively known as blue gropers. They are found in the coastal waters of southern Australia and distinguished by the bright blue colouring of the adult males.

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The Gropers

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Shachihata Inc. From Shachihata Inc. NAGOYA--A name stamp producer here is taking an unconventional approach to the problem of train groping: a seal that imprints the word "chikan," or groper, on a perpetrator's hand. The message, posted in mid-May, received a flood of replies for and against such a recourse, with one saying, "That would work as a deterrent. Another insisted that using a pin to sting an alleged perpetrator was too extreme.

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