Boku no sexual harassment episode 2

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Boku no sexual harassment episode 1

boku no sexual harassment episode 2
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Boku no Sexual Harassment

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Boku no Sexual Harassment OVAs 1 - 3 Online [Eng Subs] online for free on Yaoi Manga Online. OVA 3. Watch Boku no Sexual Harassment OVA 1 Online.
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Dating at least from the days of "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka's interest in the genre, science fiction has long been one of the major streams of anime. Given the fictional science focus of many anime titles, it should come as no surprise that MIT is occasionally mentioned in anime. Of course, MIT usually is used to fill the role of "generic non-Japanese source of advanced technology", but it is rare for any other American college to be mentioned in anime, while MIT's appearances are frequent and widespread. Mostly, this prominence is probably just a matter of MIT being a well-established, globally-recognized brand when it comes to advanced technology and science, or educating people who are good at that sort of thing.

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