Men and women in pantyhose

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Pantyhose for men

men and women in pantyhose
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Real men wear pantyhose. Really, they do. Just ask Bobby, a 40year-old Polk County truck driver.
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Kingsize, Not Queen: Some Men Have Taken to Wearing Pantyhose

Dear Margo: I am a year-old woman. For the past four months, I have enjoyed a great relationship with a truly wonderful guy. Yesterday, he confided to me that he has a pantyhose fetish.

Why So Many Guys Get HIGHLY Aroused By Feet And Women In Pantyhose

On the streets or in the workplace on hot summer days, it's rare to see women in pantyhose anymore. But at one office in Wichita, Kan.

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I mean, in theory, I knew. A pantyhose fetish is simple enough, an offshoot of a foot fetish it's when men or women found themselves getting an erotic charge from other people wearing pantyhose. I mean, I kind of feel like if you've ever worn pantyhose yourself, it's impossible to sexualize them. At least that's how it's been for me. They're itchy and I pop out of the top of them like a particularly over-eager sausage. However, while I academically kinda understood what the pantyhose and foot fetish was all about, I didn't experience one first hand until I was

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  1. YES, but not all of them! Some women might prefer their men wearing pantyhose together only during their masturbation, foreplay, footjob.

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