Lois griffin and peter

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Alex Borstein: Lois Griffin

lois griffin and peter
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Louis & Chris keep busy while Peter is away

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Lois lives at 31 Spooner Street with her family and also Brian , the anthropomorphic family dog., In spite of never winning a single Emmy award, Family Guy has been a television staple for years.

Family Guy's disfunctional family dynamic starts with Peter and Lois's strange married life! Subscribe to our channel: centrobella.com
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Sign in. Peter Griffin : No baby, but it looks like Carol's blowing a bubble. Lois Griffin : Peter, that's the head.

Here are 30 facts that will help you get to know the real Lois Griffin a little better. Her full name is Lois Patrice Griffin. Lois Griffin is voiced by Alex Borstein. Lois has a long lost brother named Carl, who in one episode, is revealed to be a serial killer that kills fat people. Lois Griffin married Peter because she was attracted to him due to his silliness and social class. According to the show, Lois Griffin is a recovering methamphetamine addict. Many episodes show that Lois Griffin is a very neglectful and irresponsible parent towards Meg and Chris , and eventually behaves the same with her youngest child Stewie.

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  1. Lois Patrice Griffin (nee Pewterschmidt) is the wife of Peter Griffin and mother of Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin. Lois lives at 31 Spooner Street with her family and also Brian, the anthropomorphic family dog. Her rich father, Carter Pewterschmidt, cannot stand Peter and makes.

  2. Lois Patrice Griffin (nee Pewterschmidt) is a fictional character from the animated television . "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" shows Peter and Lois splitting up because of Peter's jealousy, only to discover that Lois has the same jealousy.

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