Female weight gain fetish

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The Women Who Get Off by Watching Men Gain Weight

female weight gain fetish
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Goddess shar weight gain

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Most coverage of the "feederism" fetish focuses on men who like to watch women gain weight, but there are plenty of female feeders who love.
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Fat fetishism

Fat fetishism is sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. - Photo via Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski.

Lilith the Cenobite hopes to one day be the heaviest woman ever in the Guinness Book. 10 Lilith pictured before her dramatic weight gainCredit: Lilith the a feedee, it's a fetish involving eating, stuffing, and gaining weight.
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Lisa, who was in fact just as mystified about her lifelong, carnal attraction to obesity as were the investigators, agreed to serve as their main case study. And lifelong or nearly so her desires were. When she was approximately 7 or 8 years old, she became fascinated with larger people and would pretend her Barbie dolls were gaining weight.

He contacted me first, and when I saw his smiling photo staring back at me, I knew it was love. When we eventually laid eyes on each other my heart literally skipped a beat. Matthew was more gorgeous than in his photos, and he told me that I was more beautiful than he expected. After a few weeks of being a couple, Matthew told me that he loved me and could see a future with me, but there was just one thing that bothered me my weight. At first I was taken aback. I had the perfect figure so what on earth was he talking about? He then shared that he had a thing for chubby women and he asked me if I would put on weight for him.

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