Cant pee in public

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This One Weird Pee Trick Actually Works

cant pee in public
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Meet the men so terrified of peeing in public they turn down jobs and won’t leave their houses

Like many young men, Taylor, a year-old in Maryland, hates peeing in public restrooms. Unable to pee, he ends up standing at the urinal for much longer than he wants, feeling the emotional and bladder pressure build even more.

Severe paruresis (fear of urinating in public) can affect a person's life urine; Negative self-talk while trying to urinate: for example: 'I can't do it.
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Social Anxiety Disorder and Public Restrooms

MOST people will find themselves a situation where they they can't pee because something's throwing them off at some stage of their life. But shy bladder syndrome or 'paruresis' can get so bad that some extreme psychological sufferers can't urinate at all. For those worst affected, they can only urinate alone at home or, in the worst cases, the anxiety is so bad they need a catheter. Andrew Smith, 73, is the chairman of the UK Paruresis Trust which he set up to help other blokes with the condition.

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