How to achieve full body orgasm

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10 Steps to Full Body Orgasm

how to achieve full body orgasm
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Tantric sex gears you up for full-body orgasms – so you'll definitely not be A full body orgasm can be achieved by trying out a few easy steps.
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Full Body Orgasm: How to Achieve The Highest Level of Ecstasy

When this sexual energy reaches your head, your body begins vibrating at a cosmic level., Tantric sex sounds intimidating or best left to Sean Diddy Combs, who has been known to tweet about his hour sex marathons , but taking some tips from the ancient practice sets you up for electrifying full-body orgasms that you can feel from your fingertips down to your toes.

I have recently found myself poised to start over sexually, a sort of midlife faux virgin. This time, I wonder, how will I approach sex? I am acquainted with first, second, and third bases; one night stands; married sex; high-test performance orgasm required ; and abstinence—each a manifestation of an evanescent civilization built atop the ruins of the one that came before.

Often, they talk about full body experiences replete with a sensation of tingling extremities that can linger for as much as 30 minutes afterwards. Not only are mine much more localized and fleeting, they also seem to be diminishing in power by the week. They just have less and less in common with the transcendent climaxes I hear about from women and the occasional dude.

Try to imagine that there is a build-up of energy running up through your spine, down your arms and all the way up to the top of your head. This should allow for more sexual energy to course through your body and this will encourage that fabled full-body orgasm. Most people will naturally hold their breathe when they're about to climax — but you should try to fully inhale and exhale to ramp up the pressure.

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  1. Shekina has written a 10 step guide to achieving a full body orgasm. Tips include stroking the perineum (the bit between your genitals and your.

  2. My quest for the transcendent climaxes I hear about from women and the occasional dude.

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